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Floodplain Prioritization Tool – Mississippi River Basin

The Nature Conservancy worked with a wide range partners to develop the Floodplain Prioritization Tool (FP Tool) to identify places within the Mississippi River Basin where restoration or conservation would have the greatest impact on the overall health of this iconic river system.

Freshwater Assessments – LA and MS

These tools are available for all of us to improve our understanding of the challenges facing Louisiana’s and Mississippi’s water and to communicate the importance of having ample freshwater for the future.

Natural Solutions Toolkit

The Nature Conservancy, along with global, regional and local partners, have developed a powerful spatial decision support tool and suite of web apps, called the Natural Solutions Toolkit, that puts scientific information in the hands of public agencies, communities and key stakeholders.

Aquatic Barrier Prioritization – Northeast Region and Chesapeake

Reduced aquatic connectivity, the fragmentation of river habitats by dams, road-stream crossings (e.g. culverts) and other aquatic barriers, is one of the primary threats to aquatic species in the United States.

Coastal Alabama Restoration Tool

The Coastal Alabama Restoration Tool will house a wealth of data and information about our natural resources and watersheds and provide robust analyses and modeling to inform decisions about managing watershed health, landscape integrity, water quality, surface water flow, biological condition, and groundwater resources.

AI for Conservation

The Nature Conservancy is partnering with Microsoft to address the world’s most pressing issues in ocean, coastal, floodplain, and watershed environments through the expansion of The Nature Conservancy’s Natural Solutions Toolkit.

Wetlands By Design – WI

More than half the wetlands once found in Wisconsin are gone. They were filled in or drained to grow crops and build cities and roads. With the loss of our wetlands went the many services they provide.

Florida Freshwater

Florida’s natural areas, lakes, rivers, aquifers and working forests provide clean, bountiful water supplies for people and nature and are prized recreational resources among swimmers, divers, boaters, anglers and others.

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