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Photo courtesy of the US Army Corps of Engineers

Beginning in 2011, The Nature Conservancy of Louisiana began developing a web-based freshwater information and decision support tool that would bring together data from many sources and deliver it to the water resources community. This effort started as the Louisiana Freshwater Assessment, which uses a watershed focus on water quality, flow characteristics and connections of freshwater to the Gulf of Mexico.

Louisiana and Mississippi share the Mississippi River as a common border and as much of our water flows between the two states, we decided to expand the Freshwater Assessment framework to Mississippi. From that point, we have been growing a network of scientists, web developers and partners.

Since its humble beginnings, the Freshwater Network has grown significantly. We now have projects in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Wisconsin, the Northeast and the Chesapeake Bay region. The addition of the Floodplain Prioritization Tool, adds more than 20 states to the list where the Freshwater Network touches down. For more information on our projects, explore our Projects.

We invite those interested in learning more about starting a Freshwater Network project or building a specific app for to meet research or water planning needs to contact us.